Aquamoon provides professional aquarium management services.  We operate with focus, integrity, and a highly trained staff.

Quality & Experience

Excellence is our baseline. Aquamoon has a unique pedigree which includes several decades in the public aquarium sector. We use this valuable experience to create a highly professional training and development program for our aquarists.

Unmatched Customer Service

Consistent communication, expert guidance and respectful interactions are hallmarks of our services. We are proud of the value that our collaborative approach brings to our clients.

Protecting Your Investment

With focus, experience and a high standard of care, we will maintain the artistic and scientific balance of your aquariums. We will protect your investment, and insure that your aquariums mature beautifully over time.

A National Company

With a trusted reputation, Aquamoon services 16 major markets in 9 states.

  • 1. Chicago, IL
  • 2. Peoria, IL
  • 3. Toledo, OH
  • 4. Cleveland, OH
  • 5. Detroit, MI
  • 6. Jackson, MS
  • 7. New Orleans, LA
  • 8. Baton Rouge, LA
  • 9. San Jose, CA
  • 10. San Francisco, CA
  • 11. Stockton, CA
  • 12. Sacramento, CA
  • 13. Kauai, HI
  • 14. Minneapolis, MN
  • 15. Grand Rapids, MI
  • 16. Green Bay, WI

Interested In Discussing Your Project?

We are trusted by large commercial retailers, institutions such as museums and hospitals, and private clients across the United States.

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