Aquariums exist at the intersection of art and science…

When well cared for, aquariums combine living beauty and technical integrity to create miniature artistic interpretations of the natural world. Aquamoon manages the delicate balance between art and science. We are passionate about our work and operate with a high level of purpose.


Our professional, trustworthy and insured aquarists know your home is a sanctuary and treat it with great care and respect. We use our knowledge and experience to tailor an aquarium management program that keeps your aquariums healthy and beautiful.

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Aquariums differentiate your company by enhancing your customers’ experience and bolstering your brand. Your customers should always be interested and delighted by the beauty of your aquariums. You can trust Aquamoon to deliver a positive return on your investment.

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Everything you do supports your mission, including leveraging your aquariums’ impact on your organization. Whether you use aquariums to advance education, connect to nature or provide comfort, Aquamoon will ensure your aquariums contribute positively to your mission.

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  • Management
  • Animal care (husbandry) & Life Support System (LSS) operation
  • Maintenance & Custodial services
  • Installations
  • Problem resolution
  • Moves (deliver and install critical components)
  • Quarantine (disease-free livestock)

Pedigree and Training

We are trusted by large commercial retailers, institutions such as museums and hospitals, and private clients across the United States.


Consultation hours are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8am – 5pm (CST).

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